This is the future. Are you ready?

No one in media needs reminding that we work in a dynamic, fast-moving environment. An environment where technical infrastructure must always do more and the costs must always be less.

The question is: what do you do about it?

More streamlined and more connected

What if you could accelerate the way you produce and supply content, no matter who creates it or in which formats or where it needs to go?

What if you could leverage a platform that already connects over 50,000 media companies and more than a million users? A platform with a proven foundation in fast file movement. One that lets you swiftly and securely move media assets to everyone in your content ecosystem—anywhere on the planet.

More powerful, more cost-effective

What if on that same platform, you could find all your content quickly and easily? What if you could do this regardless of whether the content was on-premises or in cloud storage (or in any combination of places)?

And what if you could remotely play and select exactly what you need before starting a download?

Imagine a media-centric platform. A platform with:

  • Fast file transfer foundation
  • Content exchange between thousands of companies globally
  • Cloud-native, affordable, resilient, and scalable
  • Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, on-premises
  • Find, search and interact with media assets
  • Modular workflow building blocks
  • Unified web console of tools and abilities

More robust, more innovative

What if this platform was built from the ground up using modern cloud technology? Technology that lowers costs by sharing resources among customers.

What if its architecture ensured it was able to withstand anything the modern world can throw at it? And this architecture could scale instantly as your business needs evolve?

More than this, what if you could easily connect best-of-breed media technologies with this same platform? And make use of configurable workflow building blocks to quickly meet a new business need?

Real-world challenges, real-world solutions

Until now, you’ve had to deal with disparate systems that struggle to work together. Or you’ve been expected to commit to an expensive end-to-end system that’s simply not agile enough. Finding and accessing assets has been getting slower and more complex (and let’s not talk about those cloud egress charges).

The good news? The future is closer than you think. A future that will make your workflows faster, your life easier, and which will save you money.