The future is now—the Signiant Platform

The Signiant Platform is a streamlined, cloud-native solution designed for media production and supply. It combines a robust multi-tenant architecture with an open modular framework. And it’s all underpinned by our ultra-fast file transfer capabilities.

Ultimately, it enables media companies to accelerate their production and delivery operations.

Connecting everything, everywhere

The Signiant Platform is already operating at scale and can connect your entire global content ecosystem.

Chances are that many of your partners are already Signiant customers. This will enable you to exchange content quickly, easily, and securely as never before.

The platform builds on an existing ecosystem of users spanning every part of the media lifecycle on every continent. In fact, for them, Signiant is already the default choice for moving large files and collaborating at speed.

Freedom to work the way you want

We want you to be free to choose where you store your data and the tools you use.

With the Signiant Platform, you get a modular storage-agnostic solution. One where you can freely choose between using Signiant tools, the ones you already have, or new technologies as they connect to the platform.

Our modern APIs ensure seamless interoperability with the systems you rely on every day. They let you customize your workflow as you see fit. And, as the platform evolves, you’ll be able to connect to an ever-increasing range of third-party technologies. These will enable you to further customize your specific needs.

Reducing wasted time

With so many assets in your production workflow, your people must be able to find what they need fast.

That’s why the Signiant Platform enables you to search across all your assets. It doesn’t matter where they’re stored—in the cloud, across different providers, on a server in one of your offices, wherever. It means your people can spend less time searching and more time creating great content.

Reducing cloud costs

When you’re dealing with huge media files, egress charges can pile up—fast.

To help minimize this, the Signiant Platform makes it easy to play files before downloading them. You can even extract just the segment you need. We can still move these files blazingly fast, but we’ll also help you move fewer files.

The result? Less time wasted. Less money spent. Less friction in your workflow.

Scale up or down at a moment’s notice

Media companies must adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Opportunities can be fleeting. Time is not on your side. And with the delivery pressures on today’s producers, downtime is simply not an option.

That’s why the Signiant Platform is cloud-native. This allows you to scale your business instantly as the need dictates. Need more capabilities? Simply turn them on. Need less? You get the picture.

Pay for what you need (not what you don’t)

As a modular SaaS solution, the Signiant Platform enables you to get the resources and capabilities you need—no more, no less.

We deal with the headaches of ongoing implementation and maintenance, saving you time and money. And we lower the cost of moving files in and out of cloud storage, automatically allocating the resources you need, just when you need them.

The future is now—the Signiant Platform

A platform built for collaboration

On the Signiant Platform, everyone is connected. Companies can choose to make their endpoints visible to the entire global Signiant community, or they can remain private within a select group.

Using the platform, specialists and niche providers can easily work with larger media companies. It means producers get access to the best talent and technologies. And it broadens their ability to collaborate with lower-cost options located anywhere across the globe.

A platform for today and tomorrow

With the Signiant Platform, you get a world-class solution designed specifically for media production and supply. We’ll ensure it delivers against your objectives and real-world challenges. And we’ll support you further with constant innovation and ongoing maintenance and support.

We can do this because we’ve built the Signiant Platform on our experience of working with leading media companies the world over. Simply, it’s enabled us to create a platform that directly addresses many of the challenges media professionals like you face every single day.