Playing nicely with others

In developing our technology, we knew that we’d need an open system. One that could work seamlessly with other third-party solutions. One that’d enable easy content sharing with partners. After all, collaborative working is in the media industry’s DNA.

Simple inter-company media exchange came naturally. We’ve always been the media industry’s trusted broker for secure content exchange. And our SaaS platform made it even simpler to connect.

But what if file transfer were just the beginning?

Our unique position at the core of the global media ecosystem led us to explore how we could add even greater value.

Building on strong foundations

It was clear that we had all the building blocks to create a robust, high-performance platform. One that would accelerate production, streamline collaboration, and reduce costs. The challenge was bringing it together into a unified whole.

Our answer was to develop a new core architecture for media interaction. Signiant’s patented Software-Defined Content Exchange (SDCX) approach provides a connecting layer between media assets and the applications that need to access them.

The SDCX architecture enables us to deliver fast, secure, reliable access to media assets, regardless of where they are stored. It provides a powerful foundation that specialized media functions can plug into. And it creates an interconnected global fabric of Signiant-enabled storage nodes.

This core architectural innovation paved the way for the Signiant Platform. A unique approach that accelerates every part of the media supply chain.

Learn more. Watch the Signiant Platform overview video.


High-level platform diagram