Building the future for over 20 years

Chances are you’ve already heard of Signiant. We’re synonymous with fast transfer of large media files. We move these files within and between companies, and to and from the cloud, faster and easier than anyone else. But today, Signiant is about a lot more than fast file movement.

The evolution of innovation

In developing our next-generation solutions, we spotted early on we’d need to take full advantage of cloud technology.

We knew this would enable us to deliver benefits that simply running legacy applications in the cloud can’t achieve.

We could see that our products would need to work seamlessly with every major cloud storage provider. And we knew that they’d also need to work with on-premises storage too.

Cloud-native, not cloud-washed

A cloud-native solution such as ours is fully multi-tenant. It’s able to serve all our customers with a single software deployment. This enables true economies of scale. It also means the system can rapidly scale to virtually any level.

Because development, system resources, and operational load are shared across all customers, costs are lowered. And the insights we gain from how our system is used enable us to target product development directly to real-world customer needs.

What’s more, we can invest in making it far more resilient to faults and natural disasters, enabling true business continuity.

The Signiant cloud-native SaaS advantage

  • Fully multi-tenant
  • Automatic scaling
  • Greater fault resilience
  • Shared development costs
  • Global availability
  • Automatic updates
  • 24/7 management and monitoring